Q&A. Questions asked by the community. Part Two

Part two of my questions asked by the community. Visit part one.

Question: Are there any cases in which I would be able to investigate with you to see things for myself?

To do PI work, you need a PI license. Also, a lot of the work I do is dangerous and I would never subject that to a client. I give updates as I have them so you will never be in the dark.

Question: Will you appear in court to testify?

Of course. It’s a necessary part of the job. It’s billed hourly. Speaking of…

Question: Do you bill hourly or by the type of case?

I usually charge a hourly rate for most types of our investigations. The exceptions would be information mining, background checks, and skip tracing/missing persons.

Question: Do you ever feel uncomfortable doing a case?

Of course. Going into dangerous parts of cities, not knowing who will be behind a door I knock on, interviewing hostile witnesses, and plenty more. I’ve grown used to it, and it’s more thrilling now than uncomfortable.

Question: How available are you, and when would be the best time to contact you?

24/7, 365. If you call at 3am I will answer. It’s not always fun but I believe being freely available to my clients is of the utmost importance.

Question: Do you have access to government records like databases that the general public cannot see?

Yes. One of the few perks of being a private investigator is databases we have access to. It’s honestly just one of the sources we use to obtain information. A skilled PI knows how to get information through multiple sources. Anyone who just plugs info into a database and gives that to a client is really not doing any good. All of the information you find needs to be verified. This means going to the court house and knowing how to navigate through thousands of public records.

Question: Are any damages to property or general accidents covered by my insurance or your’s?

Private Investigators in Wisconsin are required to posses a comprehensive general liability policy.

As always, if you need a Private Investigator in Waukesha, Milwaukee or any county in Wisconsin call Ryan Adam Investigations for a free consultation.

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